Service and reconfiguration

Service of racking systems and reconfiguration

Warehouse rack service involves replacing worn-out elements or completing missing elements of the structure.
MGL experts, after determining the client’s needs, prepare a detailed offer, which includes all the elements needed for servicing.

Maintenance activities performed by MGL engineers may also be part of the offer. If the client performs the maintenance activities on their own, they are obliged to carry them out in accordance with the applicable installation instructions of the relevant racking system – UM, MX, HX.


MGL brand offers the service of carrying out changes in the racking structure for the client. These often arise from changes in the height of storage levels, the addition or removal of rack sections, changes in the dimensions of pallet units (dimensions, weight).

Before making changes to the structure, the customer communicates with MGL to make the appropriate adjustments, which will include new recalculations of the structure’s load capacity. This is a key – from the point of view of safety – element of the reconfiguration of the racking structure. As part of such a service, MGL Constructors check the load capacity of the entire system so that it matches the new parameters.

Servicing and modifications to the structure on behalf of MGL are performed by trained, certified service technicians who have the appropriate authorizations issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. Our teams are perfectly familiar with the specifics of the products, which translates into safety in the implementation of changes in racking systems. Each of them is equipped with the appropriate equipment and personal protective equipment, which directly affects the safety during installation and when using the racking system.

It is worth paying attention to the professionalism of the implementation of such services, because in the event of damage or dangerous situations, it is the client who is legally responsible for the damage or injury caused.

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