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Warehouse Racking Manufacturer

Traditional high bay storage racks for EUR/EPAL pallets and custom pallets.

Racking structures dedicated for handling by robots or automated storage and retrieval systems.

EU Projects

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Drive-in racks for the production plant

Drive-in racks for the production plant

Drive-in racks are perfect for temporary storage of homogeneous semi-finished products between stages of the production process. Case study of an implementation for a food processing plant.

Warehouse services

Assembly of storage racks

High-bay racking installation in warehouses.

Rack inspections

Warranty and post-warranty inspection of racking structures.

Rack signage

Row marking signs and storage bin labels.

Service and reconfiguration

Replacement of components and relocation of racking system.

Contract manufacturing

Sheet metal cutting (CNC)

Sheet metal cutting (CNC)

Laser cutting of steel, aluminium, and copper sheets with a thickness from 0.5 to 16 mm. Max. sheet size: 1500×3000 mm. 4kW fibre laser, accuracy ±0.01 mm.

Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending

Bending and folding steel and aluminium sheet components using a hydraulic press brake. Maximum length of the bent element: 2500 mm.



Automatic or manual welding of steel components using the MAG 135 method. KUKA and ABB welding robots. Any dimensions of welded components.

Powder coating

Powder coating

Applying paint coatings on steel components in any colour from the RAL palette. Dimensions of the painted element: 12×2.8×0.6 m. Maximum weight: 1200 kg.

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