Stand for cable drums and reels

A rack for cable spools and drums allows these loads to be stored on standard pallet racks.

In pallet racks, specially adapted racks can be used to store cable spools and drums. A wide range of possibilities makes pallet racks universal. In this type of storage racks, thanks to the use of various accessories, it is possible to store goods not only on pallets, but also to store loads of non-standard sizes and shapes.

Racking accessories enable to make significant savings in the warehouse. Investor doesn’t have to buy the whole rack dedicated only to one load type. It is enough to install a standard pallet rack and then, thanks to the wide range of accessories, freely adapt its configuration, which will allow storing a variety of goods.

Rack parameters

The design of the cable spools and drums rack allows it to be mounted on most of the racking systems available on the market.

Flange diameter

700 mm

Inside traverse

400-710 mm

Maximum capacity load

1200 kg

Surface finish

Powder coating / hot-dip galvanizing


The presented model is designed for so-called static use – only the load itself is operated.

The design of the rack was developed so that it can be easily configured according to the investor’s individual requirements. It works well for storing barrels and other loads of similar shape. It is also possible to adjust the design and dimensions so that the rack can be operated in the same way as a pallet.

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