Assembly of storage racks

Installing the right warehouse racks is a key step in optimizing logistics space.

At MGL sp. z o.o., we not only supply the highest quality warehouse racks, but also offer comprehensive installation services to ensure our customers are fully satisfied and efficient in their warehouse management.

Why should you choose our installation services?


Experience and Expertise

MGL’s installation teams are highly qualified specialists with years of experience in installing a variety of racking systems. Thanks to our skills and knowledge, we provide reliable and solid assemblies, tailored to individual customer needs.


Full Installation Cycle

Our experts offer complete warehouse rack installation services, covering every step of the process. From precise measurement and planning of the installation to the final adaptation of the racks to the specifics of the warehouse, we take care of every detail to ensure full functionality and safety.


Customized Approach

We understand that every warehouse is different, which is why our approach to rack installation is customized. Our team works with the customer throughout each stage, taking into account, for example, the guidelines for flooring and the anchoring components used to attach the warehouse racks to the ground.


Safety and Compliance

Safety is a top priority at MGL during rack installation. Our services always comply with current standards and regulations, and every installation is carried out with the highest safety standards.

The installation process at MGL


Consulting and Measuring

We begin with a thorough consultation with the customer and measurement of the storage space to customize the racks to meet specific requirements.

Design and Planning

We create a detailed installation plan, taking into account product specifications and customer needs.


Our experienced team proceeds to precisely assemble the racking according to the approved plan.

Reception and Customization

Once the assembly is complete, we conduct a comprehensive reception with the customer, and then customize the racking for any corrections or special requirements.

Take advantage of Our Installation Services!

MGL Ltd. knows how crucial professional warehouse rack installation is to the efficiency of your warehouse operation.
Take advantage of our services and we will provide you not only with solid racks, but also with comprehensive support from the design stage to full functionality.
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