Contract manufacturing

Projektowanie CAD

CAD Design

Preparation of design documentation of the final product based on the client’s initial concept. We work in AutoDesk environment (Inventor, AutoCAD, Fusion360).



Production of a unit product to verify that it meets the client’s criteria. The stage is repeated until the product meets the objectives.



Conducting a procedure of a product’s compliance assesment with harmonized or industry standards in order to obtain the CE mark or other required certification.

Wycinanie blach (CNC)

Sheet Cutting (CNC)

Laser cutting of steel, aluminum and copper sheets from 0.5 to 16 mm thick. Max sheet size: 1500×3000 mm. 4kW fiber laser, accuracy of ±0.01 mm.

Wycinanie profili (CNC)

Profile cutting (CNC)

5-axis laser cutting of round or rectangular tubes and open profiles. Maximum component length: 8500 mm. Cross sections from 12 to 140 mm.

Cięcie kształtowników

Section Cutting

Precision band saw cutting of steel and aluminum sections. Perpendicular and angle cutting. Maximum cutting width: 600 mm.

Gięcie blach

Sheet Metal Bending

Bending of steel and aluminum sheet metal parts using a hydraulic press brake. Maximum length of the bent element: 2500 mm.

Gięcie kształtowników

Shape bending

Bending of pipes and steel profiles of various sections using a 9-axis bending machine. Maximum length of the bent element: 3200 mm.



Automatic or manual drilling of holes in steel or aluminum workpieces. Any material thickness and hole diameters.



Automatic or manual welding of steel parts using MAG 135 method. KUKA and ABB welding robots. Any size of welded parts.

Lakierowanie proszkowe

Powder coating

Application of paint coatings on steel parts in any color from the RAL palette. The dimensions of the painted element: 12×2,8 ×0,6 m. Maximum weight: 1200 kg.

Cynkowanie ogniowe

Hot-dip galvanizing

Application of a durable zinc coating to steel details to protect the surface from corrosion. Maximum dimensions of the galvanized component: 12500 × 1400 × 3000 mm.

MGL offers a contract manufacturing service in the field of metal processing, that is, manufacturing steel products under the client’s own brand.

Contract manufacturing is the production of products under the client’s own brand based on the provider’s own production lines, employees, experience and know-how.

We offer comprehensive production of steel components: from concept-based product design to packaging and logistics.

We have production facilities that allow us to process any grade and size of steel. There is no minimum order volume – we also realize short series of products and unit products (prototypes).
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