Warehouse rack inspections

Gwarancyjna i pogwarancyjna kontrola stanu konstrukcji regałów

Warranty and post-warranty inspection of the condition of the rack structure.

Expert rack inspections should be carried out at least once a year by highly trained professionals. Such frequency guarantees compliance with the requirements of the current health and safety law and improves the safety of employees and cargo in the warehouse. The annual inspection of racks is also a frequent condition for maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty on a given set of racks.

Why is it necessary to perform annual rack inspections?

Complying with EU Regulations
Providing staff and assets security
Keeping producer’s warranty
Preparing rack service and repairs

What are warehouse rack inspections?

No result of human action is everlasting or perfect. This also applies to all racking systems, which – usually used in a highly hostile environment – must resist not only the forces coming from the loads they carry, but also the forces and tests to which they are subjected by operators of forklift trucks, stacker cranes and heavy loads.
Lifespan of a racking system can be increased only by proper maintainance of warehouse equipment. Regular inspections can significantly improve the condition of the system. They have to be carried out in compliance with EU requirements. There are 3 types of inspections performed: prompt notifications, internal weekly inspections and expert inspections.

The scope of the service includes conducting an expert inspection at the Client’s warehouse. Such an inspection is carried out by a certified inspector.
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