Pallet racking

Produkty - Regały paletowe

MGL adjustable pallet racks are designed primarily for optimal storage of loads on EPAL-EUR (800×1200 mm) and industrial (1200×1200 mm) pallets.

Wide range of construction components and a variety of accessories make it possible to adapt the racking configuration to almost any type of load.

Adjustable pallet racking provide easy and quick access to each loading unit, so they are ideal for warehouses with a large number of indexes.

Pallet racking


Upright frame height

do 12400 mm

Compartment width

do 3600 mm

Upright frame/compartment depth

600 – 1500 mm

Beam height adjustment

increments of 50 mm

Permissible load

up to 30 tons per section

Surface treatment

Powder coating or hot-dip galvanizing

Pallet racking applications

Adjustable pallet racksing can be installed in warehouses in two configurations:

  1. Wide aisle pallet racking – wide aisle solutions (approx. 3,2 – 3,6 m) enable a full turn of a forklift truck. They allow loads to be handled freely by all kinds of material handling equipment.
  2. Narrow aisle pallet racking – narrow aisle solutions (approx. 1,6 m) mean making maximum use of the available space. In the narrow aisles loads can be manipulated with turret trucks and can move on the induction loop or guide tracks.

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