Racks with automatic stacker crane

Warehouse racking as a link in the technological chain

Accelerating intralogistics processes and almost completely eliminating the risk of human error are the most important benefits resulting from the installation of warehouse racks serviced by automated stacker cranes.

The goal of every intralogistics solution is to provide added value in the storage process, which, in the broader perspective, is intended to positively impact a company’s financial results. Installing racks with automated stacker cranes yields the best results in warehouses with very high turnover rates and homogeneous load units in terms of both weight and dimensions.

An interesting example of this type of intralogistics chain optimization is the racking installation carried out by MGL in collaboration with MPL TECHMA in a Bridgestone production plant. In this case, the racks, serviced by automated stacker cranes, function as a link in the technological chain, serving as a buffer between two production stations.

The transportation of semi-finished products to/from the storage area is carried out using roller conveyors synchronized with the stacker cranes through an IT system integrated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management system.