Stand for cable drums and reels

Store non-standard loads on pallet racks

Stand for cable drums and reels

Product description

Stands for cable drums and reels allow to store these items on standard adjustable pallet racks.

Universal use of pallet racks is one of their biggest advantages. Various accessories transform them into a complex system which allows the storage of palletised products but also of those items which have custom sizes and shapes.

Racking accessories enable to make significant savings in the warehouse. Investor doesn’t have to buy the whole rack dedicated only to one load type. It is enough for him to install standard pallet rack and then, thanks to the wide range of accessories, freely adapt its configuration to his needs, products, loads, etc.

Basic parameters

Construction of our stand for cable drums and reels enables it to be installed on most racks available on the market. The photo shows the example of a stand with the following parameters:

Flange diameter700 mm
Inside traverse400-710 mm
Maximum capacity load1200 kg
Surface finishPowder coating / hot-dip galvanizing

Application fo stand

Presented model is designed for “static racking” where only products can be manipulated freely. Our stand was designed in such a way to allow its effortless adaptation to individual requirements. It is perfect for storing barrels and other items that have similar shape. We offer the possibility to adjust the construction and size in order to make the stand as mobile as a pallet.

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