Pick and Drop 'T' Portal

intermediate storage area inside the rack structure

T Portal

Product description

‘T’ Portal is an additional component of adjustable pallet racking. It enables to create intermediate storage area inside the rack structure.

Intermediate storage places are separated areas of a warehouse. They serve as a buffer between storage zone and handling area.

They are most often used in narrow aisle warehouses with two types of industrial trucks: reach trucks working in the aisles and forklift trucks transporting palletized goods to other zones of a warehouse.

Intermediate storage places are focal points between these two areas. They allow the first type of truck to leave the pallet so that the forklift truck can collect it for further operations.

Application of T Portals

Intermediate storage places are most often planned outside the framing, next to the front of a rack. As a result, valuable space above these places remains unused. Thanks to ‘T’ Portal it is possible to reduce the outermost frames on the floor level (“0” level). This solution enables to create intermediate storage places inside the first section of a pallet rack row.

The construction of “T” Portal seems very simple but in fact it is a complex engineering issue. Single column, that is the basic component of the product, is exposed to weights that are normally supported by 4 columns. MGL provides you with unique solutions and guarantees that “T” Portal will not have any negative effect on strength and statics of the rest of your racking.

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