Racking accessories manufacturer

Additional elements for racks: bumpers, shelves, dividers, mesh, markings.

Products list

Pick and Drop Compartments

Pick&Drop Compartments

Pick&Drop compartments make load handling process more efficient, especially in narrow aisle warehouses.

Pick and Drop 'T' Portal

T Portal

‘T’ Portal is an additional component of pallet racking. It enables to create intermediate storage area inside the rack structure.

Stand for Big Box Pallet Containers

Stand for Big Box

The Big Box container stand is a storage device for gitterboxes, pallet containers, IBC containers, and pallet boxes.

Pallet rack dividers


Dividers provide selective access to each product. Thanks to this feature order picking process is easier and more efficient and delivery time – shorter.

Automatic sliding aisle gate

Automatic gate

Automatic aisle gate is used for limiting access to the aisle. They are perfect for warehouses with high inventory turnover and industrial truck traffic.

Upright protectors

Upright protectors

Front protectors (bumpers, buffers) protect columns from the impacts of material handling equipment (forklifts).

Side frame protectors

Side frame protectors

Side frame protectors protect rack frames from the impacts of material handling equipment (forklifts).