Adjustable pallet racking

Traditional high bay storage racks for EUR/EPAL pallets and custom pallets

Pallet racking

Product description

Adjustable pallet racking is the most popular and universal system for storing palletised items.

MGL designes this type of racking to optimize the storage of loads on the EPAL-EUR pallets (800×1200 mm) and industrial pallets (1200×1200 mm).

Wide range of construction components and variety of accessories make the racking adjustable to almost any type of load.

Adjustable pallet racks enable direct and easy access to any loading unit. That is why they are perfect for warehouses with many indexes.

Basic dimensions

Upright frame height2000 - 12000 mm
Compartment width1200 - 3900 mm
Upright frame/compartment depth600 - 1500 mm
Beam height adjustmentincrements of 50 mm
Permissible loadup to 30 tons per section
Surface treatmentPowder coating finish or hot-dip galvanizing

Application of pallet racks

Adjustable pallet rack system can be set up in two configurations:

  1. Wide aisle pallet racking – wide aisle solutions (approx. 3,2 – 3,6 m) enable a full turn of a forklift truck. They allow loads to be handled freely by all kinds of material handling equipment.
  2. Narrow aisle pallet racking – narrow aisle solutions (approx. 1,6 m) mean making maximum use of the available space. In the narrow aisles loads can be manipulated with turret trucks and can move on the induction loop or guide tracks.

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Pallet racking for a company in the food industry
Pallet racking in a logistics operator's warehouse
Pallet racking in a logistics company
Pallet racking assembly
Pallet racking in a distribution centre
Pallet racking in a logistics centre

Sample projects

Racks for e-commerce warehouse

Racks for e-commerce warehouse

Maximizing warehouse space utilization and reducing order fulfillment time are the most important effects achieved by Nowa Szkoła company thanks to the e-commerce warehouse racking provided by MGL.